Welcome to Edusap - Transforming Educational Excellence

At Edusap, we are deeply committed to the profound transformation of educational institutions and the empowerment of student growth. Our comprehensive school management system has been meticulously designed to meet the diverse needs of educational institutions, ensuring the seamless administration of daily operations, effective student management, and meticulous financial record-keeping. Whether you require an intelligent student management system, a sophisticated school management software, or an innovative online learning management system, Edusap is your steadfast partner in achieving educational excellence. Let's delve deeper into the remarkable features that Edusap has to offer:


Core Features

core/1 core/1
Multiple Work Desks
core/2 core/2
Mobile and Web Application Facilities
core/3 core/3
Student Admission
core/4 core/4
Students Management
core/5 core/5
Staff Management
core/6 core/6
Students and Class
core/7 core/7
Time Table
core/8 core/8
core/9 core/9
Fees or Finance
core/10 core/10
Communication Tools
core/11 core/11
Learning Tools
core/12 core/12
Student Evaluation
core/13 core/13
core/14 core/14
ID Card Generator and Certificate Generator
core/15 core/15
Report Generation
core/16 core/16
Alumni Management
core/17 core/17
Accounts Management
core/18 core/18
Student Information
core/19 core/19
User Management

Add-on Features

add-on/1 add-on/1
Principal Login
add-on/2 add-on/2
Accountant Login
add-on/3 add-on/3
Store Manager Login
add-on/4 add-on/4
Transportation Management
add-on/5 add-on/5
Customised Reports Generation
add-on/6 add-on/6
Customised Certificate Generation
add-on/7 add-on/7
Staff Coordinator Login
add-on/8 add-on/8
Organizer Login
add-on/9 add-on/9
BioMetric Staff Attendance Management